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by Combat Disco Music

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Combat Disco Music's debut EP / mini-album.


released August 7, 2013

Music written by Combat Disco Music. Lyrics by Anton Engdahl.

Therese Hallgren - vocals, iPad/synth
Noa Onoszko - guitar, vocals
Samuel Dahlberg - guitar
Arvid Renard - bass
Anton Engdahl - drums, vocals (additional guitar, iPad/synth, shaker & vibraphone)

Recorded by Combat Disco Music at Kulturskolan Gotland in the early spring of 2013.
Mixed by Anton Engdahl & Combat Disco Music.
Mastered by Anton Engdahl.

Artwork by Tobias Norrby.



all rights reserved


Combat Disco Music Visby, Sweden

Progressive Metal quintet from Gotland, Sweden.

October 2012 - January 2014.

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Track Name: Aerodrome
I heard about a place
a place that you can't travel to
it's fallen through the web of time and space
a man says that he knows
he says that he will tell us all
the people hold their breath when he speaks

in these vast fields
where the spacecrafts come
when they need to rest before a voyage

he could take us along
could take us to the hunting grounds
where we could take our shot at the beasts
Track Name: Thesmophoria
slow, lingering eyes
watching as she fell into the courtyard

the grave upon which the moon does not shine
the scent that stained your nostrils

loud pounding on walls
pour more fluid, she has reached the limit

leave towns, city lights
and find a new road
the lake floods but you stay dry
leave towns, city lights
and find a new road
break the windows to know why

thick darkness awaits
hold your breath as it reaches the gutter
Track Name: End of Programs
skies have come alive
seasons changing
dig out of the ground
what drives you out
lifts you up
hands reaching for soles
black wing shelter
carry me away
lift me up

teach me
to navigate
to fall into the pattern
a distant sun will mark my disappearance
to split the light and cut through the horizon
it bends
it breaks
pierced by your beak

it bends
it breaks
it falls
and lets us through

I'll follow in their footsteps tonight
a trail no one has known
I'll follow in their footsteps tonight
the light will guide me home

so let me through
Track Name: Industrispionage
I can see the closing gate
that won't change my getaway

I'm all alone
they should have known

falling down
into ocean's great depth
I escape

"word came back that he has saved
copies of the plans they made"